Honorable mention INDEX DESIGN CHALLENGE 2010!!!

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I was awarded a a top ten listing and an honorable mention for the INDEX Design Challenge 2010 for my design, LADYBIRD.


LADYBIRD is a reusable, self erecting and inflating, complete, no waste, temporary school building for use in emergency areas, environmental disasters and war zones.


Digital Rendering!!

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Digital Render of hairdryer

Sunbeam Toaster

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The first project for 2nd year is to design a toaster for sunbeam

It will use the technical package from the already existing sunbeam toaster TA2210.

New Alessi Project

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Our new project for this term is the Alessi project. We are to design 3 desk top products that are part of a range for Alessi.

Alessi aims to create designs that surprise, go against the grain, trigger memories, convey feelings and move people.

Alessi also expects socially responsible and culturally sound design. This project must include recyclable materials.


alessi_qtip[1] alessi_piripicchio[1]

Cotton Bud Holder                                              De-Piller

Alessi[1] 316[2]

Tea Strainer                                            Toothbrush Cover

Concept 2 chosen!

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so all pics are up now. take a look

concept pics

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hey, gunna get pics of the concpt ideas soon. Forgot my USB.


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this post is very new…. AND AWESOME!!